Governing Bodies

This page gives information about our governing body including declarations of interest.

Declartions of interests

Name Interest
Sarah - Jane Caroll Foundation governor at school in the borough
Thomas Lang Child in school
Sarah Witan Child in school, teacher in a high school
Gavin Beckworth Child in school, works in the borough.
Andrea Roberts Child in school
Paul Connolly Grandchildren in school
Sue Porter Works in a school in the borough


Governor Terms of Office

Headteacher Governor Miss Sarah-Jane Carroll
September 2017
Acting Assistant Headteacher Mrs Kelly Waring
September 2017
Staff Governor Miss Holly Rimmer
Start Term: Sep 2017
End Term: Sep 2021
Local Authority Governor Mr John Holmes - Chair of Governors
Start Term: Sep 2016
End Term: Sep 2020
Parent Governors Mr Thomas Lang
Mr Gavin Beckwith
Start Term: Sep 2017
End Term: Sep 2021

Foundation Governors Mr Joe Bennett
Mr Stan Cruces
Mr Paul Connolly
Mrs Andrea Roberts
Mrs Sarah Witan