Our Curriculum

At St. Laurence’s we follow the Come and See R.E Curriculum as set by Liverpool Archdiocese and the current National Curriculum (2014).

Religious Education, the school’s Mission Statement and Core Values underpin all that we do at St. Laurence’s.

Subjects are taught both discretely and as part of topics that have been carefully designed to link skills and knowledge together - which in turn make learning more meaningful to the children. Teaching in this way allows them to develop their own knowledge and skills - gaining a wide breadth of the topics being covered.

We have adopted a whole school culture that values and fosters the importance of reading for pleasure. This has been achieved by the introduction of the Power of Reading. Wherever possible, topics are based around a book or have links to books that have been studied in other areas of the curriculum. We believe that this approach places high quality literature at the heart of all learning and in turn develops the children’s love of books. This approach is proving to raise engagement and attainment in reading and writing.  

A wide variety of teaching methods are used, which are designed to give the children the chance to learn in different ways. Children are taught as a whole class, within groups and in pairs, individual work is also widely used.

Children are challenged to develop their independent skills so that they are able to drive their own learning forwards and are encouraged to be curious so that they develop a natural interest in the world around them.

Above all else, we are working hard as a school to foster a creative, exciting, challenging and diverse curriculum where our children are able to develop a love of learning and where our children are able to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enable them to continue to be successful learners in later life.   The introduction of our Year 6 Passport has also helped to raise our children’s level of aspiration and self worth.

Our revised Curriculum takes into consideration the needs of the children, the community and current affairs around the world.

Please be assured that we have put plans into place to catch up on necessary skills from missed education as a result of COVID 19. 

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